Some people think that if you can speak a few languages then you can translate from them. Others think that they can translate into any of the languages they speak. This is a big mistake. What makes a good translator is excellent writing skills in his/her mother tongue. What does “mother tongue” mean? It is the language you were educated in, grew up with, spoke during your childhood, read your first novels and comics in, wrote your first letters in, even your first poems. If you are bilingual it will be the language you feel most comfortable in to write an article or essay. At LOCALIZE, we know all the ins and outs of translation. That is why we have built up teams of translators who translate exclusively into their mother tongues. We are communication experts and a partner you can rely on. Whether you mention target audiences, the media or impact, we get your meaning. Outsourced communications services are our speciality: we do advertising and public relations, press communiqués, and client-oriented publications. If you want to reach a wider public, seek no further, we are the ones that will put you right on track.


Translation is a serious matter.