We use the very latest translation management tools to help your communication or translation department produce your communication material, making the translation process part of the production chain. If you would like more information, our sales staff will be happy to help. Here is an overview of our services.

You send us the documents that need translating via our simple, user-friendly Internet platform, specifying the language and deadline required. We then confirm your order and deliver the translation as requested.

We ensure consistent use of terminology throughout your documents. Do you prefer referring to staff rather than employees? To agreements instead of contracts? Accuracy and precision are guaranteed through the use of state-of-the-art translation support tools and terminology management software.

We keep a complete overview of your multilingual documents. Do you remember the slogan you used for your loyalty campaign 3 years ago? What about the linguistic adaptations made to suit different target audiences? We know exactly which documents we have translated for you, into which language and for which campaign or target audience. You no longer need to worry if staff changes occur within your company. We will be your external translation memory!

We keep your documents for 3 years. If you misplace them or simply want to update them, we will rework them according to your instructions. You will only have to pay for the sections we have actually translated.