The individual at the center of our concerns
Believe that the economy should promote the progress of humanity, we attach importance to the individual, whether internal or external to the company.

We rely on a team of committed and motivated real guarantee of business success. To this end, we create a pleasant working environment in a safe and healthy environment. We offer flexible schedules allowing optimal balance privacy and professional life. Home, part-time is possible for all those who want .. We particularly encourage women wishing to re-enter the labor market after a career break or maternity leave, giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential in their work.

We want to respect privacy and do not tolerate discrimination based on ethnic origin, sex, religion, age, opinions or any other element that makes each individual unique and worthy of respect.
The training and development of our employees play an important role in our society and we encourage their personal development as a professional.
The integrity and loyalty of all our staff members and our daily rhythm.

Customers come to us to meet a need or seek a solution. We witness their high esteem and their requirements are taken very seriously, as their criticisms and grievances. We strive for complete satisfaction of our customers and base our actions on listening and ongoing dialogue. Our prices and services are provided in a transparent and unambiguous. We consider our customers as partners worthy of trust and respect.

We contribute to the local economy in the selection of our employees and suppliers. We believe that our employees choose among job seekers instead is a citizen and act responsibly. We are committed to the fight against wage and social dumping in all its forms.

We strive to minimize our impact on the environment, particularly in the choice of suppliers and recyclable materials sustainably produced. Each employee is aware responsibly manage resources and eliminate waste in an ecological way.